Help HMRC Hunt Down Tax Fugitives.

The HMRC is extremely strict on their tax defaulter penances. They make sure that no one can cheat the government of their deserved tax. This is the reason why when they find someone faulting on paying the tax, they make sure that they are scrutinised for the same. A proper investigation is exactly what follows, and a decision is made on the tax evader’s state. The evader is described to be a fugitive when they desperately fail to pay the tax and also goes into hiding when they are accused of the same. The basic tax defaulters are categorized into two categories, and their penances are decided accordingly.


The Types Of Tax Defaulters:

  • The Casual Tax Defaulters: these are the tax defaulters who had no intention of cheating the government of the money. Maybe they were in some trouble that they couldn’t pay their owed tax, or maybe they missed out on something unintentionally. These tax defaulters can be easily made out with the help of their honest cooperation. They make sure that they do provide with each and every detail during the investigation.
  • The Deliberate Defaulters: these are the defaulters who had every intention of not paying their tax amounts. They also make sure in most of the cases to make fake documents and keep them ready beforehand. They shouldn’t be doing this exact thing as the HMRC makes a note of each and everything and waits till the defaulter does a deliberate mistake. Once they fall for the trap, they get to suffer from bad consequences.

The Penances That The HMRC Provides:

There are different penances for the different types of defaulters. They are the reason why the people should be basically scared of defaulting in their tax. The following are the penances:

  • The Deliberate Defaulters: the deliberate defaulters are the people who have to pay their owed tax with an addition of the interest. This interest and the final charges sum up to the 70% of their total tax amount. They have to pay all the sum together as a penance.
  • The Casual Defaulters: these defaulters are provided with a notice. The casual defaulters are supposed to pay money but depending on their situation the sum can actually be lowered to the basic one. They are also provided with a warning for the future.
  • The Tax Fugitives: these are the people who are on the run and are on the strict order of being jailed too.

The Hunting Down Of The Tax Fugitives:

The tax fugitives are the people who have faulted in their tax and have decided to hide for the same. The HMRC makes sure that they are punished for the same. Their names along with their pictures are uploaded to the website and any other social sites that the public use. They want the people to help them for the same. The social sites help the people in knowing about the fugitives. Once they get to be in contact with any one of them, the HMRC is informed which leads to their arrest.

This initiative of the HMRC has helped the fugitives in getting caught in a lot many ways.

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